Naughty Bits



No, not those naughty bits! We are talking about NaughtyBits, a producer from New Jersey with amazing talent and a lot of potential. Searching for more information on NaughtyBits proved to be rather difficult. However, with little more than a Soundcloud and Demodrop account NaughtyBits is still pushing out new music, for FREE! Cruise over to his Soundcloud page and follow this one. In the mean time, grab your headphones, turn up your subwoofer and check out a few songs that caught our attention.

This first track is the one that reeled us in with intrigue. It has the perfect combination of dirty trap vibes mixed with a chill, easy listening type trap song. Enjoy!

This next one is a chill trap track perfect for unwinding at home at the end of the day. The use of traditional instruments makes it exceptionally unique.

We saved the best for last and to keep the chill trap vibe going there couldn’t be a better track. Sit back, relax and get lost with the help of this next song.